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Apple’s Future Depends on Leaping Hurdles, Not Earnings

By John S. Tobey

The burning question seems to be, “Why is Apple (AAPL) selling at such a low valuation?” Just try to find another company with Apple’s creative, development, business and financial success that has sold at 12 times its forecast earnings. This high 8.3% earnings yield is typically awarded to growth sluggards or income stocks. Is... »

Using Graphs to Identify Technology Stocks’ Growth Phases

By John S. Tobey

In “Screening for Technology Stocks: 30 Finds to Consider,” we were left with a list of 30 possible “new” technology stocks. Now we need to decide which are worth further analysis and consideration. When studying any high growth companies (including technology), starting with their stock price graphs is worthwhile. Here’s why and how …... »

Screening for Technology Stocks: 30 Finds to Consider

By John S. Tobey

Investing in “new” technology stocks could be especially rewarding as we shift from “up-market” to “bull market.” My previous article described why. The challenge of investing in new technology companies is that they often are not well known plus they look overpriced. Moreover, risk is high. We have seen competition or failure to implement... »

Time to Own ‘New’ Technology Stocks

By John S. Tobey

When you hear “technology,” what companies do you think of? Chances are they include the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s (DJIA’s) five tech names: Cisco (CSCO), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), IBM, Intel (INTC) and Microsoft (MSFT). These are the cautious investor’s friends. They don’t make us have to decide between income, value and growth – we get... »


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