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Who Can Benefit from Investment Directions?

Investment Directions’ readers range from individual investors looking to improve their knowledge and skills, to professionals seeking investment management ideas.

What Do You Get from Investment Directions?

Each market day, Investment Directions delivers you a timely investment insight in quick-read form. The goal is to give you three benefits:

  1. Boost your understanding by getting behind the headlines and hype
  2. Improve your returns by spotting trend shifts early on
  3. Hone your investing skill by using strategies developed by the experts

Who is Investment Directions?

Photo of John TobeyJohn S. Tobey, CFA is the founder and editor of Investment Directions. His investing experience began in 1964 and has spanned many market environments in which he has had hands-on experience searching out opportunities and avoiding risks.

John’s career has been managing and consulting to multi-billion dollar funds. Using the “multi-manager” approach, he has worked with top investment managers. (For John’s background, see his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johntobeycfa.)

John has an informative, understandable communication style from his work with fund boards, investment professionals and individual investors.

John now devotes his time to Investment Directions.

“I created Investment Directions to help investors improve their investing skills and results. Using the expertise I gained over the years, I offer guidance on the following key areas to successful investing:

  • Understanding the current markets by identifying key information and its importance
  • Finding hidden opportunities and risks by applying contrarian thinking, one of the most rewarding, but difficult, skills
  • Executing an effective investment strategy by adopting the tools and approaches used by top investment managers

Helping you achieve investing success is my goal.”



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