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2 Must-read Articles Examine Stock Market’s Flaws – Picture Is Not Good

By John S. Tobey

The flaws in the US stock market that caused the May 6 “flash crash” remain. These two articles bring troubling news. »

Pitfalls in Today’s US Stock Market – Part 3

By John S. Tobey

Given Wall Street’s disruptive game playing described in Parts 1 and 2, what’s an investor to do? Today, I address “III. How we can invest and protect ourselves.” »

Pitfalls in Today’s US Stock Market – Part 2

By John S. Tobey

This write-up continues yesterday’s discussion of an investment approach that seeks to frighten investors into selling at abnormally low prices. Under “II. Why is it allowed to exist,” we covered the removal of short-selling controls (uptick and “naked”) and weak enforcement of false rumors. Today, we will review two other important, negative forces in... »

Trading Strategies for Today’s Markets

By John S. Tobey

Last Thursday’s 1,000-point air pocket provided an excellent testing environment for various trading strategies. Here are the ones to avoid and the ones to use. »

Wall Street and SEC to Investors: “It Wasn’t Us, but We Will Fix It”

By John S. Tobey

Wall Street and the SEC have identified two culprits: High-speed, computerized trading – done by someone, somewhere. They’re not sure who or when or why, but they know it was the main cause New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – “What? But weren’t they the only ones trying to bring order to the markets?” The... »

Wall Street Hits Air Pocket – Two Trading Lessons (Part 3)

By John S. Tobey

Actually, the title should read, “Two 1967 Trading Lessons Confirmed.” Thursday’s stock market gyrations reminded me of those still-valuable lessons learned 43 years ago as a result of one trade… »

Wall Street Hits Air Pocket – Two Must-See Videos (Part 2)

By John S. Tobey

No news is bad news. The lack of a clear, informed, logical report on Thursday’s air pocket shows that trading ran amok. Like those science fiction films where the machines take over, the stock exchanges became simply arenas in which the automatons could wreak havoc. This is not to say that we should sell... »


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