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Value Investing Using the ‘Special Situations’ Approach

By John S. Tobey

Value stock investing has changed over the past few months. Late last August, value screens could turn up quality companies at attractive prices. Now, those bargains are gone, and the value approach is back to searching for special situations. It’s been a while since the market has been in this position, so let’s review…... »

It’s Time To Turn Off Value Screening

By John S. Tobey

About two months ago, we were discussing the benefits of value stock screening. Since then, the market has moved higher, and most of the stocks we found no longer pass the screens. »

Value Screening in an Improving Stock Market

By John S. Tobey

Since I wrote “Value Screening US Stocks – Example with 7 ‘Picks’” (September 1), the stock market has risen over 5%. What’s happened to the screening results, and what should we do now? »

Value Screening US Stocks – Example with 7 “Picks”

By John S. Tobey

Screening can turn up some good US stock values in today’s market (see my article “Investors Give up on Value Stocks – Should We?” for explanation). Below is an example in which I set the hurdles high, yet still had 7 leading companies clear every one. »

Investors Give up on Value Stocks – Should We?

By John S. Tobey

The Wall Street Journal just provided a big tip for investors: Buy value stocks. This tip was wrapped in a “contrarian” package, meaning they described well why investors are ignoring value. And whenever investors choose to pooh-pooh something, that is where we should look for potentially profitable investments. »


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