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/Quick Point/ – China’s Interest Rate Hike Is Good for the US

By John S. Tobey

China took a positive step yesterday that will benefit not only itself, but also all those countries engaged economically with it, including the US. Here’s why… »

The Chinese Yuan’s Anticipated Rise – Investment Implications (Part 3)

By John S. Tobey

The last two days we have reviewed the Chinese yuan exchange rate, it’s anticipated rise and how that presents an opportunity for owning Chinese stocks. Funds seem to be the best route, and here are criteria for selecting a promising one. »

The Chinese Yuan’s Anticipated Rise – Investment Implications (Part 2)

By John S. Tobey

With yesterday’s explanation of exchange rates, we can now examine investment opportunities resulting from a Chinese yuan increase. My focus will be on Chinese company stocks. The easy conclusion is that the yuan’s appreciation means we can earn a bonus return by owning Chinese securities. However, “easy” in investing usually means everyone is already... »

The Chinese Yuan’s Anticipated Rise – Investment Implications (Part 1)

By John S. Tobey

Expected Chinese yuan improvement could provide us with an investment opportunity. However, before going there, I thought a review of challenging exchange rate math would help ensure full understanding. To start, if I said I just bought gasoline for $3.00 a gallon, you’d know exactly what I meant. And if you saw that gas... »

The US Stock Market – From China Perspective, It’s A Desirable Value Play

By John S. Tobey

Last week, once again, US investors placed most of their equity mutual fund purchases into international stocks. They love the growth going on elsewhere, especially in emerging markets. But wait! The news out of China is that it is investing in US stocks and real estate (“China’s investments in U.S. up sharply – The... »


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