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4 Reasons Investors Are Buying Stocks Now

By John S. Tobey

This year investors’ interest in stocks is charged up. The question being debated is “Why?” Here are four drivers of investors’ stock buying. (more) This article is on SeekingAlpha.com »

Rate of Developing Bull Market Trend Could Be Precursor to Buyer’s Panic

By John S. Tobey

A series of unusual U.S. stock market conditions have created “upside risk” – i.e., the possibility of “panic buying.” The definitions of each are: Upside Risk: “The extent to which the value of a security or other investment may increase beyond forecast levels.” (Financial Times; Online Lexicon) Panic Buying: “A flurry of security purchases... »

Investors Jump Back Into U.S. Stock Mutual Funds

By John S. Tobey

The Investment Company Institute just reported the second week of significant inflows into U.S. stock mutual funds. The two-week total (through January 19) is $6.7 billion. Is this a sign of the top? Absolutely not. It shows the investors have shaken off 2010’s mega-risk/global-risk mindset that produced 34 straight weeks of U.S. stock mutual... »

Are Bond Fund Outflows a Warning Sign? Not yet.

By John S. Tobey

The Wall Street Journal proclaims, “As Bonds Flag, Stocks Beckon” (Abreast of the Market, by Mark Gongloff, December 6). Here’s their take: “After a stellar two-year run, the bond market is stumbling and a number of investors are betting that stocks will post better returns in the coming months. “Among the signs being held... »

Why Wall Street Might Spur a Bull Market in 2011

By John S. Tobey

In Wall Street, it’s New Year’s Day. Wall Streeters are back, refreshed from their summer vacations, wearing starched white shirts and ready to focus on what 2011 has in store. As they assemble their teams, the question is what their conclusions will be. This is the second hurdle I described in “This Stock Market... »

US Stocks Clearing Their First Hurdle

By John S. Tobey

Company earnings reports are coming in better than expected, and they are causing stocks to jump. This is the test I wrote about in “US Stock Market’s Trend About To Be Tested” (June 29): “Bearish investors need to tread carefully in this stock market. The very attractive valuations make betting against the market especially... »


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