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Silver’s Price Moves Are Affecting Investor Behavior

By John S. Tobey

Silver’s quick and dramatic price shifts now are affecting investor attitudes. Poring through the many silver articles reveals a widespread investment strategy: Buy silver to protect against (profit from) U.S. inflation and a collapsing dollar. Many are comfortable with that rationale alone. They believe that current U.S. government and Federal Reserve policies mean an... »

Using History to Determine Gold’s Intrinsic Value

By John S. Tobey

One of the most troubling questions to non-owners of gold is what gold’s value should be. They have watched the price climb in puzzlement. It just traded at $1,460. Last year at this time it was $1,140. In 2009, it was $880. Investors hear that gold is an inflation hedge. But that 65% increase... »

Gold: 1980’s Highs May Dampen 2011’s Enthusiasm

By John S. Tobey

Gold’s price is up, but what about its value? We know gold is supposed to protect us from inflation, but where does that protection begin and end? Gold’s claim to fame: Store of value The investable quantity of gold remains relatively static. In addition, gold doesn’t age and it has a history of trade... »

Gold: A Wonderful, Terrible Global Investment

By John S. Tobey

Gold has its own Midas touch. It can turn depression and despair into excitement and dreams of wealth. War and terrorism? Gold rises. Inflation and currency devaluation? Buy gold. World economy sinking? Gold is the answer. Fantastic. But wait… »


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