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Currency Moves Signal Panic Selling – Use It to Our Advantage

By John S. Tobey

Yesterday I discussed how to use currency exchange rates for understanding global economic and financial conditions. Today, let’s look at how the rates can provide a window into emotional investment moves, particularly panic selling, and how we can use the information to our advantage. »

Evaluating Global Economic and Financial Concerns – Choose Viewpoints Carefully

By John S. Tobey

Last year, when rising cocoa prices were hot news, I described the problem with using only US dollar values to make an evaluation of a global product (see “Cocoa Prices and Currency Measurement” – October 23, 2009). Today, with Europe, the Euro and “contagion” in the news, it’s time to revisit the need to... »

Risk Forecasts Have Increased – So, Too, Have Opportunities

By John S. Tobey

Risk one-upmanship is upon us. The possible dire consequences from the European Union’s (EU’s) Greek troubles now have moved from widespread contagion, itself a stretch, to forecasts of the EU’s dissolution and the Euro’s abandonment. Goldman Sachs calls this outlook, “ridiculous,” saying the Euro’s decline actually may be at or near the bottom (“O’Neill... »

EU Uses Greece to Expand Powers – Countries Are “Sovereign-Lite”

By John S. Tobey

Ever been in a situation where one misbehaving peer (at home, in school or at work) ends up causing pain for everyone else? Rather than sending the naughty person to the corner, the principal or the HR department, the parent/teacher/boss uses the behavior as an excuse to add new rules that apply to everyone.... »

The Euro’s Individual Country Pressures – Original Concerns Come to Pass

By John S. Tobey

As Europe moved toward a single currency, a chief concern was how to ensure individual countries didn’t rock the boat. Because each country retained its own government and central bank, the worry was that differences could lead to stress within the overall financial system. Europe is now dealing with that situation. »


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